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This is a working flower farm although we try and keep it as beautiful as possible. There may be rows that are empty, flowers that are spent, weeds hiding out along with rows that need pulled to replant with another variety. It is constantly evolving.

We have a herd of chickens, turkeys, ducks and a peacock. We let them free range at times. Please be respectful of them they will not bother you. 


1 hour photography

Customer can reserve 1 hour sessions to come out and take photos of any kind. A professional photographer is not required.

1 Hour mini sessions

These sessions are for photographers to book and then photographer open the session up to their clients, to book small quick photo shoots in the booked hour.


Flower farm blooms middle of July - September. Please Note: There are no flowers blooming before June and we could get our first frost end of September!!! Although our propertery is beautiful all 4 seasons with great back drops. Just depends if you want to be in the flower field or a old barn as your backgrounds. 


When booking your session please book under the correct service.

Photographers booking, this is your responsibility to make your clients  aware of these rules.  If they are not abided by, Mason Creek will not allow you back.  We have the right to cancel if the weather is not conducive for safety concerns and you can book another date.

-Photos are to be taken in flower garden only.   Do not wander on the rest of the property.

-Parents stay with your kids, they cannot roam without you.

-DO NOT chase the animals.

-Be aware of independent pickers, they might be out at the same time you are picking.

Looking for a photographer?



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