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Meet Your Farmers


My love for growing plants and  diggin in the dirt started when I was a young child! One of the earliest childhood memories I have is riding inside the tractor cab while playing with my sticker collection. I assume it got very boring and needed my stickers to pass time.

The women in my life always taught me to be sustainable, grow our own food, be frugal live within your own means. Although as a child I am not to sure I enjoyed the thousands of weeds we pulled, but am so THANKFUL to have these values instilled in me that  be will hopefully be passed down through many generations.

Almost as much as I love diggin in the dirt I love my animals!

My husband Ken is our behind the scenes everything man! Keeps the water going maintains the property and any other dirty job that needs done. Ken grew up in Arizona agriculture industry growing cotton. In early 80's bought a farm in Idaho which consisted of  farming (corn, potatoes, beets, beans, alfalfa and wheat). He was also a crop consultant. 

He will tell you that growing flower and crops are 2 totally different worlds.

Diggin in the dirt and lovin hard on our animals have made us who we are today.


We can only hope our property brings you much peace and joy as it does us!


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