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Meet Your Farmer

The kids on the bus call me the flower lady, the chicken lady, dog lady, and who knows what else. Ha! Whoot, we made it this far thanks to you folks! Anyhow, you will never catch me without a critter, flower, or weed in my hand. Hate being inside, hate the cold. I tried to convince myself I love the 4 seasons, but nope we can skip the 4th and just do with the 3rd. I don’t use a calendar. I am not a detailed person, I count on my brain to remember everything. So to sum it up, I fly by the seat of my pants and it hasn’t work well. Thank goodness I have my detailed oriented oldest, right hand gal, Shelby by my side, and my 14 year old social media guru, Macee, or we would be in a real mess.

I have entered a whole new level of learning and growing stuff, and oh buying seeds. A ridiculous amount of seeds. I am now in love with flowers I used to think they were lame. I have learned the value of bouquet making by my biggest mentor Krynn. I get tricks from her all the time especially if your not an idiot and paying attention to all her new inspiration. I have learned try, and if you fail who cares. I have read and researched until I am blue about seed starting and growing. I still screw up. Flower farming is so different from throwing a few plants in your yard, and I have a lot of plants in mine.


 We offer a cultivated family environment where you can enjoy nature. Events and workshops let you relax and our local products come straight from farm to table. Handmade decorations will add rustic accents in almost every season. That’s a little about us. Can’t wait to see you all again and thank you for supporting us.

Come visit our little farm!

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